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Delivering business value with Pythian’s Enterprise Data Platform QuickStart : Part 5

Delivering business value with Pythian EDP Quickstart

With Pythian’s Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) QuickStart, customers extract exceptional business value. It demonstrates tangible proof that their data can be quickly integrated into the platform and used to drive powerful insights. Implemented in days and fully customized in less…

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Pythian EDP QuickStart Components: Part 4

Pythian EDP QuickStart Components:

Google Cloud storage provides a secure storage layer that is a cost-effective foundation of the platform.    When you ingest raw data into the platform, it is stored in a cloud storage bucket in its raw data format before any…

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Best Practices for Enterprise Data Platforms on Google Cloud: Part 1

enterprise data google

Enterprises recognize that becoming truly data-driven will propel innovation, transformation, and differentiation. However, the modern analytics journey can be complicated and take many years, making swift results challenging.    Balancing the desire for quick wins with the skills needed to…

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Defining “real-time’ or ‘streaming’ analytics and its use cases

This is the first in a series on real-time or streaming data analytics best practices, including terminology, system design and examples of real-world success. In this initial post, we’ll focus on terminology and possible use cases. When launching a multi-part…

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Tracking data flow mechanics of IoT, or a piece of “Pi-oT”

A piece of pi(e): “In contrast to a piece of cake, means a task that looks easy but once you get into it is actually very difficult or time-consuming.”  – Urban dictionary In the early days of my career, I…

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How the cloud may finally solve the data silo problem

Not loving your data? You’re not alone. Accessing corporate and external data to gain insight and get ahead is critical—but it isn’t easy. One source claims 90 percent of digital information is unstructured and locked in siloed repositories, meaning departments…

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Pythian helps AEG Presents target the right prospects at the right time

AEG Presents is a company focussed on driving ticket purchases for its global entertainment parent, AEG Worldwide. But it was getting tougher to compete against rival event companies by putting relevant offers in front of customers. Why? Simply because the…

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Black Friday is coming. Is your customer data ready?

As a retailer, Black Friday can make or break your end-of-year sales targets. It’s when customers expect savings on their favorite products, and you expect deal-seeking customers to line up at your door or flock to your website. But special…

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Three reasons why you need a customer data platform right now

A Twitter user recently turned to the platform to issue an appeal to her bank: “Please don’t send me emails asking if I’m ready to buy a house ten minutes after emailing me an overdraft notice.” That one tweet neatly…

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