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Exadata Health Check: My Top 5 Tools and Features

exadata health check

From ORAchk/EXAchk/ODAchk, Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) and Hang Manager, to Cluster Health Advisor (CHA), Cluster Verification Utility (CVU), Memory Guard and Tracefile Analyzer (TFA), Oracle DBAs have an abundance of great tools at their fingertips. Another plus is there’s…

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Tips for Better Capacity Planning on Exadata

capacity planning

Exadata X8-2 comes with up to 3 Petabytes (PB) of raw disk capacity. This post briefly explains the basics of capacity planning on Exadata.capacity planning on Exadata.     Why should you care about capacity planning when you’re already loaded…

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Clear Exadata Component Messages after Maintenance

What can you do if you’ve completed maintenance in a component (a memory component, as per the example below) but keep receiving failure messages? First, try clearing all the error messages after completing the maintenance. Now, check if the threshold…

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How to Enable RAM Cache in Oracle Exadata

A brief background on RAM cache or in-memory OLTP acceleration In this post I will present a feature — to simplify let’s call it RAM cache — introduced in Oracle Exadata Storage Server image 18.1. You’ve probably heard a lot…

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The Brand New Exadata X8M Deployment Process Revealed

Here we will see how the deployment process of the new Exadata X8M works.   RoCE issues from the factory Exadata X8M servers are coming from the factory with the RoCE private network disabled. In case the Field Engineer assigned…

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Exadata: 7 Useful Commands to check Port/Sensor Alarms

Some days ago I was checking for the alarm below, with a very generic message: Message=The aggregate sensor /SYS/CABLE_CONN_STAT has a fault. So, I decided to document some useful commands I used to verify all ports/sensors in my Exadata cluster….

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How to fix InfiniBand Error: Cable is present on Port “X” but it is polling for peer port

Facing an InfiniBand error? Let me guess: Ports 03, 05, 06, 08, 09 and 12 are alerting? You have a Quarter Rack? Have recently installed Exadata plugin to version or higher? Don’t panic! This is probably related to Bug 15937297:…

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How to extend the /u01 filesystem on an Exadata

Marketers are very good at selling everyone on the fact that resources (CPU, disks, memory) are now infinite, which is mainly true on a slide but it’s less true in real life. You may one day face this situation with…

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Exadata: How to manage OS dependencies when upgrading to 19c

Exadata 19c comes with Linux 7 and Exadata 12c and 18c come with Linux 6. There will then be an upgrade to Linux 7 when upgrading from 12c or 18c to Exadata 19c or above. In this specific case, you…

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Listener over Infiniband on Exadata (part 1)

Nice topic, right? Beautiful thing to work with when you have Oracle Engineered Systems. So, why would you configure a listener over the InfiniBand Network? How does that make sense in your environment and how would you leverage that? Background…

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