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Missing LOV buttons in Forms 12

LOVs (List Of Values) is a great feature of Oracle forms and is widely used. Sometimes you might run into an issue with missing screen fields for drop down boxes for the LOVs (List Of Values) , i.e. when you…

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Installing Forms – File not found $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libvsn12_ee.a.dbl using GUI


After installing Weblogic and Fusion Middleware (FMW), I came across the following error when I tried to install Forms with OUI GUI. Here’s how I fixed it.     The problem   Here’s what using the proper WLS RHEL…

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WebLogic Admin Console Is Not Starting Due to Coherence GE

In this post I’ll address the situation where, after installing Fusion Middleware (FMW), the WebLogic Admin Server won’t start due to an issue reported on Coherence, one of the embedded components of FMW (Forms/Service Bus/SOA Architecture). You will face…

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Change Port Number in Common Object Service (COS) Naming Service for Reports Server Discovery

Recently I received a request to change the port number used by an Oracle reports naming server. I looked into MOS and found no direct notes to address this change. Here are the details: Our Environment: Oracle Weblogic Application running…

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