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Cloud Armor pt. 3 – The Right Way

Cloud Armor Coding In the last post, I discussed some of Cloud Armor’s advanced features and how to work around various customized rules. However, this begs the question of how to code for a web-application firewall (WAF) to minimize those…

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How to deploy a Cockroach DB Cluster in GCP? Part II

In the first part of the blog, we determined the different requirements our cluster needed, and we planned all the details of the cluster. Then we created the VPC structure and the CDB node template we will use to build…

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How to deploy a Cockroach DB Cluster in GCP – Part I

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL Database that has been gaining popularity in the last years because of its features. It is easy to deploy, with strong consistency, designed for the cloud, it has distributed transactions and easy to scale. Not…

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Pythian partners with the PostgreSQL Community

PostgreSQL, is built on the backbone of its supportive community. Pythian’s team of database experts support and want to continue to grow our contribution to the PostgreSQL community. One of the ways our database experts are contributing is through speaking…

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Cloud Armor pt. 1 – Securing your Application with Google’s WAF Cloud Armor

cloud armor

If you’re running an application on the public internet, security in this day and age is key. With the adage of defense in mind, you want to have multiple layers of checks as requests get further into your application layers…

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An Initial Test of Google’s AlloyDB Columnar Engine

alloydb columnar engine

Google just recently launched the public preview of their new customized cloud version of PostgreSQL called AlloyDB. This Google Cloud Platform (GCP) managed database service is not the same as their Cloud SQL PostgreSQL service that still exists and is…

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Automated Database Backups for Cloud Spanner Using Terraform


    This post shows how to use cloudspannerecosystem/scheduled-backups to configure scheduled backups for your cloud spanner database. The setup of the required resources (Cloud Scheduler, pub/sub and cloud function) will be done by using terraform in this tutorial.  …

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SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups on Google Kubernetes Engine

Infrastructure Design

This tutorial shows you how to configure SQL Server AlwaysOn availability groups (AG) using DH2i DxEnterprise and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). This offering helps you achieve high availability for your SQL Server databases running on containers in Kubernetes. GCP Resources…

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Running SQL Server 2019 on Google Kubernetes Engine

Have you tried to run a SQL Server deployment on Google Kubernetes Engine yet? Here is a complete guide to create and run SQL Server 2019 on GKE. We will be creating the following resources to successfully host SQL Server…

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Using El Carro Operator on AWS

Introduction Google recently released a Kubernetes operator for Oracle, El Carro. The project includes good examples of how it works on GCP and on your local computer (using minikube). Given it is a portable implementation, we wanted to give it…

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