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Chrome OS: This Changes Everything

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Traditional enterprise security has long been a game of trying to control endpoints. The problem with that, of course, is that endpoints are ultimately controlled by human beings who are, well, human. No matter how loyal or conscientious your users…

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Remote Workforce Empowered and Secure

Empower Your Remote Workforce

In late 2019, some corporate leaders were ambivalent or against the concept of remote work. By the spring of 2020, those same leaders had little choice but accept the current reality and to trust the process. Today, organizations generally accept…

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Zero Trust: If You Wait, It Could Be Too Late

Creating a true zero-trust environment requires a complete rethinking of the traditional approach to IT security

Today, any guidance you get about data security will almost certainly include the recommendation to adopt zero trust.  It’s good advice. It makes sense that anything accessing your network should be verified and that no device should be trusted by…

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Top Five Chrome Myths Debunked

Sometimes the best way to dispel a myth is to start with a concrete example. Here’s a great example from a client we worked with: QAD Inc. provides enterprise resource planning software and related enterprise software to manufacturing companies. By…

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An Introduction to Chrome Browser Management

Knowledge is power. The more information you can gather as an admin, the easier it is to manage the browsers that power your organization’s work. To simplify browser management and increase security, Google offers its Chrome Browser Cloud Management tool….

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How to Improve Healthcare Security With Google Chrome Security

The healthcare industry has become a huge target for cybercrime due to the overwhelming amount of critical patient information. To protect your patients and staff, the tech you use must have the highest level of security. Chrome Enterprise is widely…

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Chrome Enterprise in Healthcare: Positively Impacting the End-User Experience

The goal of technology in a healthcare setting is to simplify a care team’s work, not make it more complex. Plus, it should do its part in securing critical patient data. Google Enterprise and Chrome devices are a simple solution…

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