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Dialogflow chatbot with custom webhook using Python and GCP

I’ll provide a quick start tutorial for Dialogflow (ES version) in this article. We’ll first examine the features offered by this product and then look at a simple use case involving currency conversion to understand how communication between the bot…

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Cloud Armor pt. 2 – Customization of Rules

Cloud Armor Advanced Features In my last post, I discussed a basic Cloud Armor setup and how to tune it. However, I didn’t get into some of the more advanced features that Cloud Armor supports that you will either want…

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Building an ETL Pipeline with Multiple External Data Sources in Cloud Data Fusion

etl pipeline

In this post, I’ll share a quick start guide on Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) Cloud Fusion. We’ll first take a look at what this product offers, and we will also take a use case of building a data pipeline involving…

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Online Data Migration from SQL Server to Cloud Spanner Using Striim


This post will focus on the implementation of a continuous migration from SQL Server to Cloud Spanner using Striim. It includes steps for configuring an initial load and a continuous data replication using change data capture. However, I don’t cover …

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Orchestrating dbt Pipelines with Google Cloud: Part 2

dbt pipelines

In part 1, we defined and deployed two data services to Cloud Run. Each service provides endpoints that perform specific tasks, such as loading a file to BigQuery or running dbt models. In this post, we’ll define and deploy some…

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Orchestrating dbt Pipelines With Google Cloud: Part 1


In my previous post I showed you how to use dbt to expedite data preparation tasks on Google BigQuery. This time, I’ll show you how to integrate those dbt pipelines into workflows that load, validate and transform data.    …

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Top Three Use Cases for Google Cloud Spanner

Since its launch in 2017, Google Cloud Spanner has built a reputation that’s very different from traditional databases. Where old-school databases were known to be fragile, finicky and high-maintenance, Google Cloud Spanner delivered the seemingly impossible: a fully managed relational…

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GCP Professional Cloud Architect Certification Guide

Looking for how to prepare for the latest version of Google Cloud Professional Architect Certification?  Wondering if you are ready to give it a shot? If yes, then this post might help you ace your certification.  I’ll briefly summarize my…

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Consuming Tweets Using Apache Beam on Dataflow

Apache Beam is an SDK (software development kit) available for Java, Python, and Go that allows for a streamlined ETL programming experience for both batch and streaming jobs. It’s the SDK that GCP Dataflow jobs use and it comes with…

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Near Real-Time Data Processing for BigQuery: Part Two

This post is part two of describing (near) real-time data processing for BigQuery. In this post, I will use Dataform to implement transforms as well as ASSERTS on the data and unit testing of BigQuery code and SQL statements. Part…

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