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Why Comprehensive Health Checks for MS SQL Servers Matter: Part 1

sql healthcheck

How you access and retrieve data is crucial to your database’s performance and resilience: the more transactional or analytical the data processing requirements for applications, the greater the likelihood of introducing inefficiencies. As these inefficiencies increase, you may need to…

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Will Your Database (and Sales) Survive Christmas 2020?

The 2020 edition of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is now behind us. But smart organizations are still studying it closely. That’s because, for better or worse, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have a lot to say about how well…

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Seven Reasons You Need a SQL Database Health Check

Database unavailability or outright failure is no joke. Not only do such incidents often cause massive internal stress (along with the inevitable blame game between IT staff), but they can also negatively impact business outcomes and lead to dissatisfied or…

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Oracle’s Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) Version 2 (2.0.1)

Background Oracle recently released a new version of their Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) – version 2.0.1. This is a welcome update as it’s been a while since the initial release in 2016. In fact, the tool hasn’t been enhanced…

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