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MySQL high availability with HAProxy, Consul and Orchestrator

Introduction In this post we will explore one approach to MySQL high availability with HAProxy, Consul and Orchestrator. Let’s briefly go over each piece of the puzzle first: – HAProxy is usually installed on the application servers or an intermediate…

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The State of MySQL High Availability Going in to 2018

High availability for MySQL has become increasingly relevant given the ever increasing rate of adoption and implementation. It’s no secret to anyone in the community that the popularity of MySQL has become noteworthy. I still remember my start with MySQL…

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Asynchronous replication from MySQL cluster

MySQL Cluster is a highly available, distributed, shared-nothing database with very interesting performance characteristics for some workloads. Among other features, it supports automatic sharding and allows us to bypass the SQL layer if we don’t need it, via the NDB…

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Configure high availability – load balancing for Hiveserver2

Manoj Kukreja, Pythian Big Data Consultant, provides you with the right steps to ensure that you have a smooth and available Hive system, performing under increased workloads.

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