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MySQL 8.0 – Invisible Indexes

Overview In this blog, we aim to discuss the new MySQL 8.0 feature: invisible indexes and how to manage index visibility. MySQL 8.0 supports invisible indexes, that is, indexes not used by the optimizer. This feature applies to indexes other…

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Find and remove unused & duplicate indexes in MySQL

Overview: It is a general rule of thumb, that the more indexes you have on a table, the slower the INSERTs, UPDATEs, and DELETEs operations become. Indexes in MySQL—or for that matter, any database—are never static. Each time you modify…

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Practical Tips For Moving Indexes Between Tablespaces


From time to time, a simple request to reorganize space in a tablespace leads to a more complex solution. Here’s how we moved  indexes between tablespaces.       A client requested we reduce the size of an Automatic Storage…

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Postgres partial indexes on email address domains

When I first heard of Postgres partial indexes, I knew immediately that this would have solved a problem I had in MySQL about a decade ago. That problem didn’t go unsolved, but it certainly wasn’t as easy as I’ll demonstrate…

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19c Auto-Indexing: ORA-65532: Cannot Alter or Drop Automatically Created Indexes

Hello! I recently noticed that: What if I’m not happy with the Oracle algorithm and I want to drop and auto-index on 19c? It should be easy, I initially thought. For example, something like “drop index XXXX;” right? Wrong. However,…

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Duplicate indexes in MySQL

Valerie Parham-Thompson explains why duplicate (redundant) indexes are sometimes helpful.

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