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Datascape podcast episode 30 – learn about streaming

In this episode of the Datascape Podcast, we welcome back Danil Zburivsky from Pythian to talk about the new streaming technologies that he and his team are working on. The step up from batch processing to streaming seems to be…

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Streaming Oracle to Kafka – stories from the message bus stop

Fascinated by streaming data pipelines, I have been looking at different ways to get data out of a relational database like Oracle and into Apache Kafka. I have presented about this topic at a number of conferences. There is a…

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GoldenGate 12.2 big data adapters: part 3 – Kafka

In part three of his series on GoldenGate 12.2 Big Data Adapters, Gleb Otochkin, Principal Consultant and Certified Oracle Expert at Pythian, tries out the Kafka adapter.

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