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Going from monolith to microservices: deciding when and how

As the migration of enterprise to the cloud accelerates, the monolithic approach to software development seems doomed to extinction. Cloud-based microservices are increasingly the preferred approach, and it’s easy to see why. Microservices break down large software projects into smaller,…

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Oracle GoldenGate microservices architecture – first try.

Three or four months ago Oracle released a new 12.3 version of the Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) software. The release did not only include a number of new features related to support of data types and some new features but, even…

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Top three considerations when documenting a microservice

Microservices have changed the way we architect, build, test, deploy, and operate our software. It should be no surprise then that microservices change our approach to software documentation. Following are the top three considerations when documenting a microservice. 1. Make…

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