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SQL Server In-Place Upgrade Failed: Wait on the Database Engine Recovery Handle Failed

A few weeks ago I was performing an in-place upgrade from SQL Server 2014 to SQL Server 2017. I followed each and every pre-check before performing an in-place upgrade, but got an  error message at the end of the installation….

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Online Data Migration from SQL Server to Cloud Spanner Using Striim


This post will focus on the implementation of a continuous migration from SQL Server to Cloud Spanner using Striim. It includes steps for configuring an initial load and a continuous data replication using change data capture. However, I don’t cover …

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Why Comprehensive Health Checks for MS SQL Servers Matter: Part 1

sql healthcheck

How you access and retrieve data is crucial to your database’s performance and resilience: the more transactional or analytical the data processing requirements for applications, the greater the likelihood of introducing inefficiencies. As these inefficiencies increase, you may need to…

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SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups on Google Kubernetes Engine

Infrastructure Design

This tutorial shows you how to configure SQL Server AlwaysOn availability groups (AG) using DH2i DxEnterprise and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). This offering helps you achieve high availability for your SQL Server databases running on containers in Kubernetes. GCP Resources…

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Making the Always On Availability Groups More Resilient to Transient Network Issues

More and more companies are adopting the Always On Availability Groups as their HA/DR architecture for the SQL Server databases. While this comes with a lot of advantages—less downtime, use of the secondary replica to offload your read-only queries (depending…

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Running SQL Server 2019 on Google Kubernetes Engine

Have you tried to run a SQL Server deployment on Google Kubernetes Engine yet? Here is a complete guide to create and run SQL Server 2019 on GKE. We will be creating the following resources to successfully host SQL Server…

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User “Guest” Does Not Have Permission to Run DBCC CHECKIDENT For Object

DBCC CHECKIDENT Example DBCC CHECKIDENT is used to check or change the value of an identity column in the specified table. To run this command, the login needs at least one of the following: own the schema that contains the…

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SQL – Managing Jobs in Availability Groups

This blog post will show how to dynamically add logic at the beginning of jobs in Availability Groups in order to avoid job execution errors in the replica or replicas. Problem In SQL Availability Groups the SQL jobs have to…

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Managing SQL Jobs in Availability Groups – Method Job Category

Method – Job Category This blog post will show how to setup SQL Jobs in multiple availability groups. This method will allow you to dynamically detect the role of the SQL Server replica and avoid job execution errors in the…

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Resolving an Availability Group Sync Issue – HADR_AR_CRITICAL_SECTION_ENTRY

We recently ran into an interesting issue on a three-node SQL Server Availability Group (AG) cluster. There was a cluster failure that impacted the availability group for a few minutes during which the replicas changed to resolving state. Once the…

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