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Why Choose Google Cloud for Your Data Warehouse Migration

You’ve already moved some of your workloads to the cloud—probably the ones that were easiest to migrate, or the ones that provided a quick win. But your most complex workloads are probably still sitting in an on-prem data warehouse. While…

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Why Migrate Your PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQL Server to Google Cloud SQL?

Whether you’re using a PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQL Server relational database, a migration to Google Cloud SQL can take it up a notch—automating management tasks, ensuring business continuity and staying up-to-date with security and compliance requirements. And, with a solution…

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How to Migrate VMware to Google Cloud

If you’re planning to migrate VM workloads from your data center to Google Cloud, or from one cloud to another, it may be considered a relatively straightforward lift and shift. But, like most things cloud-related, migrating virtual machine (VM) workloads…

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Moving your Oracle Database to the Cloud? Here’s Why You Should be Thinking Google Cloud

Oracle has long been a top choice for relational databases—but migrating those workloads to the cloud requires a lot more effort than a simple lift and shift. Oracle databases are typically large and complex, so if you’re looking to migrate…

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How to Transform Your Legacy SAP Environment with Google Cloud

In the enterprise resource planning (ERP) market, SAP is the recognized market leader, with a massive installed base around the world. But much of that installed base is running on-premises ERP. As part of its commitment to the future of…

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Best Practices to Follow When Migrating to Google Cloud

If you’ve been running workloads on-premises for years, migrating to the cloud can be a daunting prospect. You probably already have some workloads in the cloud (public, private or both), but they’re most likely workloads that were considered ‘low-hanging fruit’…

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The Best Automation Tools to Power up Your SAP S/4 Migration Journey

sap S/4

SAP optimization tools are constantly evolving, and at this stage they seem to have no ceiling in terms of their potential to help optimize SAP systems for better performance.   The speed, accuracy, and efficiency of database migrations, especially, can…

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OS Migration on Cloud

Oracle EBS 12.1

Recently a client asked to upgrade their Oracle EBS 12.1 running on RHEL6 to RHEL7 hosted on Amazon Cloud. On the surface, it didn’t look like a job for an Application DBA, but rather, for a SysAdmin or CloudOps team….

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EBS: Access the PDF Outputs After the Migration to AWS

migrate wooden blocks

During the Oracle E-Business Suite migrations from on-premise to AWS Cloud (similar to any cloning exercise), you may need to preserve access to concurrent request log and output files, especially the reports. Usually, it’s an easy task that involves tricks…

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What is new with AWS Data Migration Service?

I’ve already written about my experience with AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) a couple of times. But the DMS team in Amazon was not sitting still and was working on the service, adding new features and targets for replication. Let…

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