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Interesting variations in outcome when cloning a CDB with a subset of PDBs in Oracle

Recently I was working on a client request where a CDB along with a subset of its PDBs had to be cloned to a new server for testing purposes. This post illustrates that in certain circumstances the outcome of this…

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Restoring a Dropped Oracle PDB Without a CDB Backup

Background I ran into a situation where we needed to restore just one dropped (and recreated) pluggable database (PDB) in an Oracle 19c Container Database (CDB), but we did not have any backups for CDB$ROOT, PDB$SEED, etc. Our only backup…

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Three Announcements from Oracle OpenWorld You Probably Didn’t Hear

The buzz from OpenWorld this year was the permanently free Oracle Cloud offering, the new Exadata X8M (reportedly capable of 12 million I/O per second!), Oracle Autonomous Cloud at Customer, and the new Blockchain table. Here are three interesting or…

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