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MySQL 8.0 – Invisible Indexes

Overview In this blog, we aim to discuss the new MySQL 8.0 feature: invisible indexes and how to manage index visibility. MySQL 8.0 supports invisible indexes, that is, indexes not used by the optimizer. This feature applies to indexes other…

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Authenticating MySQL 8.0 (Enterprise) against active directory

Recently our team was tasked to implement MySQL 8.0 in production for a client. While MySQL 8.0 is looking very promising and has a lot of cool new features and revamped old features, it’s still pretty young. The MySQL development…

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Working with resource groups in MySQL 8

MySQL 8 is GA and it has a variety of new features. Recently, we happened to work with resource groups to restrict resource utilization for a MySQL thread. That’s why I thought of writing this blog post: to give you…

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