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IT Salaries Flat While DBA Take Increases

A survey by Yoh Services LLC reveals that there is little momentum in U.S. IT salaries through 2005 so far. Salaries have remained flat and although some momentum, so far it has not shown itself to be sustainable. However, costs are steadily increasing in a few fields, and among them is Oracle database administration.

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Will Oracle Repeat CA’s Mistakes?

Judith Hurwitz raises a red flag about Oracle’s new acquisition strategy. It appears Larry Ellison himself has now clearly articulated a plan that involves buying “companies with a narrow profit margin that have attractive maintenance revenue.” Ms. Hurwitz astutely points out that this type of strategy, coupled with neglecting cash cows, is exactly how Computer Associates faded to irrelevance at the same time that they saddled themselves with several thousand software products to maintain.

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Oracle out for Windows

Oracle patch set is now available for Windows.

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Oracle Taken to Task for Time to Fix Vulnerabilities

Security firm Red Database Security has decided to publish in detail six vulnerabilities that Oracle has not fixed in over 650 days. The flaws range in severity, with three classified as high risk with the potential to compromise a server or overwrite files.

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