Tag: november 11th 2015

Oracle ASM rebalance – Turn it up. To 11?

  If you’ve ever seen or heard of the movie This is Spinal Tap then you have likely heard the phrase Turn it up to 11. Why bring this up? When ASM was introduced as a method for configuring storage for Oracle,…

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Oracle upgrade failures due to METHOD_OPT and XDBCONFIG

Background I recently experienced a problem when upgrading an old Oracle database to that had no matches in a My Oracle Support (MOS) or Google search. The problem presented itself initially when upgrading as the following error was…

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Dynamic MySQL credentials with vault

Recently I have been looking at the Vault project as a means to manage secrets for applications and end-users. One of the use cases that immediately drew my attention was the ability to create dynamic role-based MySQL credentials. Why Dynamic…

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