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Part Six: Deploying High Availability Applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—Oracle Management Servers

management servers

This is the sixth in a series of blog posts, that covers the details to deploy the Oracle Management Servers for a high available set up of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure‘s resources.   Recap This is…

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OEM 12.5: Tablespace Allocation Metric Not Collected—Agent Is Running but Not Ready

OEM 12.5

I ran across an interesting case within OEM 12 (Oracle Enterprise Manager) Release 5. A client reported the “tablespace allocation metric” was not being updated on OEM for a specific database. In this case, the most recent gathering was done…

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Part Five: Deploying High Availability Applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure— SSL Certificates and Load Balancer Setup

load balancer

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts that covers setting up the load balancer for a high available setup of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s resources.   Recap This is the fifth of a…

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How to Quickly Ignore ORA Error on Agent Layer

I had a very specific situation where I wanted to ignore an error from a specific agent. It turns out that it is easier and quicker to ignore a specific error using an OEM Metric. How? By using an agent parameter….

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How to work around OMS error: Metric evaluation error start – Get dynamic property error

Have you received this error on OMS “Metric evaluation error start – Get dynamic property error,” After performing some research on MOS and a confirmation SR, it seems related to Bug 17575631 CLUSTER DB HOME PAGE ERRORS- REGIONS FETCH…

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How to fix InfiniBand Error: Cable is present on Port “X” but it is polling for peer port

Facing an InfiniBand error? Let me guess: Ports 03, 05, 06, 08, 09 and 12 are alerting? You have a Quarter Rack? Have recently installed Exadata plugin to version or higher? Don’t panic! This is probably related to Bug 15937297:…

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Change of database passwords through OEM

Once in a while passwords for system database accounts should be changed due to different requirements; it is a boring routine task, but it still needs to be completed. However, with the help of OEM it can be automated and…

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Log Buffer #442: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition collects and then showers around some of the information-rich blog posts from Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.

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UDM is watching you, UDMs

With time monitoring of several thousand targets of different versions and on different operating systems accumulates additional checks and user-defined metrics for specific requirements. With the presence of a dozen super administrator accounts, the Oracle Enterprise Manager environment demands specific…

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Proactive FRA Monitoring Using OEM Metrics

As you know, thresholds for flash/fast recovery area (FRA) usage are set internally in a database to 85 and 97 per cent, and there are no ways to change the thresholds — at least none that are supported by Oracle. This might work fine in most cases, but being aware of changes in FRA usage can sometimes be helpful. You can then contact your DBA and suggest verifying your database’s settings.

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