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Automatic Graceful Shutdown and Consistent Startup Method for Oracle DB on Linux

Having questions about automatic startup and shutdown is quite common when dealing with new environments or configurations. There is more than one way to implement this depending on the environment configuration, licensing and version. So, here is a summary: 1….

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Services [not] Starting Automatically with CRS after Reboot?

Hello all! So, a client asked me to check why his database was not starting with CRS after a reboot. I started investigating and noticed this: On Oracle 11.2, the database auto-start policy in the Clusterware is “restore”, which means…

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How to a recreate disk group used by CRS

I will go through detailed steps here on how to recreate a disk group used by CRS. Some things to bear in mind: – I created this cluster based on another existing cluster, so I just followed the same patterns…

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