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Easy Transition from Screen to tmux


  Do you use Screen in Linux? If so, I’m sure you appreciate the importance of functionality it provides. At times, as Oracle E-Business Suite database administrators, we need to run long running processes (like fs_clone) in the background and…

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How to Perform an Oracle E-Business Suite + Java Web Start


As we all know, Java Web Start is not a new Oracle E-Business Suite technical functionality. However, I thought I’d share some insight for anyone planning a Java Web Start JWS implementation.   The gist JWS isn’t available for Oracle…

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Slow Query in eBS AutoConfig with DB 19c

slow query

We recently completed a few e eBS R12.2 database upgrade installations and noticed an issue with a particular SQL running as part of the AutoConfig.       The query sql_id is 5da8tjzfafw6j and it looks like this (formatted): select…

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Two Cases of Troubleshooting with psn

No, it’s not the PlayStation Network! Linux Process Snapper — pSnapper, or psn — is an open source tool written by Tanel Poder. Tanel provides a number of great examples on how to use psn and even a few videos…

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Oracle E-Business Suite Database Upgrade to 19c

Oracle E-Business Suite has been certified with Oracle Database 19c for over a year now. We’ve been seeing an uptick in customer requests to upgrade their E-Business Suite (EBS) database to 19c. Multiple factors seem to be driving this increase,…

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Oracle E-Business Suite and 12cR1 database in Extended support – What to do?

If you are one of the folks who have already upgraded the production E-Business Suite database to 19c Certified, then you are a superhero and this post is not for you. The majority of us are still running the good…

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Troubleshooting an enterprise user security database login and sudden ORA-12154

I encountered a new problem last week while trying to log in into LDAP-enabled Oracle Database (Enterprise User Security). I entered my SQL*Plus credentials that usually work fine, but received an error ending with ORA-12154. $ sqlplus [email protected] SQL*Plus: Release…

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Configuring software loadbalancer for Oracle E-Business Suite

HAProxy (high availability proxy) is a free, open source software that provides TCP & HTTP-based load balancing capabilities for various applications. As it supports session persistence by enabling the sticky bit, this software can be used with Oracle E-Business Suite…

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EBS 12.2 issues seen in the wild

Recently, I was involved in an EBS upgrade project, and also in operational support of an EBS production environment. Based on this project, here is an unsorted list of issues I’ve seen in or around the EBS core. EBS architecture…

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Oracle E-Business Suite and Java Web Start. Finally!

Great things always happen overnight. That’s probably the case for European Oracle Apps DBAs in the same situation, like myself. This morning I read Steven Chan’s latest blog post about Java Web Start certification with Oracle E-Business Suite and its…

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