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Licensing Oracle Enterprise Manager

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What are the licensing considerations for deploying Oracle Enterprise Manager and using OEM for monitoring database servers? Read on to find out.     Oracle documentation states that base installation of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c is free when used…

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Part Three: Deploying High Available Applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Instance Clone and Linux Storage Appliance

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This is the third in a series that covers the details to deploy a high-available setup of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure‘s resources. Recap This series demonstrates how to deploy a high-available installation of OEM 13.5 using…

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How to Use EM CLI to Verify Data Guard Configurations

EM CLI (Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface) allows users to access Enterprise Manager functionality from the operating system instead of from a browser. Why would you use EM CLI instead of a browser? It’s more efficient to execute commands from…

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EM 13c: Patching Oracle Enterprise Manager With Release 4 Update 6 (

Once I had done this, I created a property file to be used during the patching activities so I wouldn’t have to input the Weblogic information over and over. The next step was to analyze whether this patch was applicable…

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OEM 13c Monitoring Features – Part 5, Best Practices and Automatic Incident Creation

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts covering the most important topics you should know to completely monitor your IT infrastructure with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c. The previous posts covered basic monitoring, extended metrics, metric…

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How to Set Up Out Of Band Notifications in OEM 13C

So, after an abnormally quiet weekend, I was being paged: Oracle Management Services (OMS) was down! Well, this requires monitoring the monitoring, right? So, how to monitor the monitoring? Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 13c has a feature called Out of…

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