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ExaCC vs. ExaCS – Which One is Right for You?

ExaCC vs. ExaCS

Exadata has been Oracle’s gold standard platform for running mission-critical Oracle databases for over a decade. Oracle is extending the availability of Exadata onto the cloud by offering it in two flavors: Exadata Cloud @ Customer (ExaCC) and Exadata Cloud…

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Fixing the Failed Status of imageinfo on Exadata Compute Node

exadata imageinfo failure

I was conducting regular OS patching of all the Exadata components when one of compute nodes caused imageinfo status to report a failure. Here are the steps I took to resolve the issue.   Initially, I thought the problem was…

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How to Resize Exadata Grid Disks Without an Outage

exadata grid disk

As you might know, each Exadata cell contains 12 physical disks with a fixed size. If you want to increase the ASM disk group size, you may need to purchase additional cell servers, which is expensive. In this blog, I’ll…

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Detect and Notify Linux Server Restart

When Oracle support performs maintenance for Exadata Cloud there is minimal communication. Typically, Oracle support restarts the host during maintenance. Since the application is not RAC aware, the application team needs a way of knowing they have to restart the…

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How to Enable RAM Cache in Oracle Exadata

A brief background on RAM cache or in-memory OLTP acceleration In this post I will present a feature — to simplify let’s call it RAM cache — introduced in Oracle Exadata Storage Server image 18.1. You’ve probably heard a lot…

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Exadata’s InfiniBand Switch: Incorrect NTP settings Leading to Evictions, and Patching Recommendations

Overview This post describes a recent outage during a routine Exadata (X7-2) patching to the release using “patchmgr.” An incorrect configuration of NTP (Network Time Protocol) on the InfiniBand (IB) switches placed all switches in the “discover” state after…

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The Brand New Exadata X8M Deployment Process Revealed

Here we will see how the deployment process of the new Exadata X8M works.   RoCE issues from the factory Exadata X8M servers are coming from the factory with the RoCE private network disabled. In case the Field Engineer assigned…

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Issues and workarounds for Exadata Patching (JAN-2019)

This post describes some of the most recent issues I have faced while patching an Oracle database machine (Exadata).   0 / Details Applying PSU 01/04/2019 (version Database Machine X5-2 / X6-2 stacks, which were running before the…

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Exadata Smart Scan: A Quick Overview

I decided to write about Exadata Smart Scan feature for this blog post. Why Smart Scan? Well, because it is awesome and I don’t know any other relational database system that has this feature. So what is Smart Scan and…

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How to Reduce Exadata Core Count

During preparation for a client’s datacenter migration, we decided to move services one-by-one to the datacenter / hardware in order to keep the scope of changes controlled. To accomplish this, we also needed to resize the CPU count of Exadata…

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