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AWS RDS: 5 Must-Know Actions for Oracle DBAs

Managing Oracle on AWS has some twists. Here are five daily DBA activities that have changed on AWS: Kill Sessions: begin rdsadmin.rdsadmin_util.kill( sid => &sid, serial => &serial, method => ‘IMMEDIATE’); end; /   Flush shared_pool or buffer_cache: exec rdsadmin.rdsadmin_util.flush_shared_pool;…

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OATUG Forum Online (or, the 2020 Version of Collaborate Las Vegas)

Hi everyone! It’s been a very busy year for me, so I haven’t had much time to blog. But, here we go! This isn’t a technical post, but more of an opinion piece. I’ve split this post into two parts….

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Datascape Podcast Episode 41 – Choosing a Public Cloud for Oracle Database

You can run Oracle anywhere. It’s very flexible, which means anywhere you can get a VM, you can run it, including a virtual box on your laptop. There’s even have a free edition (XE) if you don’t have large data…

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101 Series of Oracle in Google Cloud – Part I : Building ASM and Database

About a year ago, I worked on a project with some amazing teammates (Simon Pane and Karun Dutt) to collaborate on a POC to move their Oracle environment into Google Cloud. This series reflects some of the things I learned... Read More >

World Backup Day – Protect Your Oracle Databases

How do you know your Oracle Backups can be used to restore a database? Here is how to find out.

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Backup Oracle to Amazon AWS S3 – Part 1

Backups of Oracle Databases can be made directly to s3, without licensing additional software.

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Using FreeRadius to Authorize Oracle Connections

Jared Still shows you how to setup the open source RADIUS server FreeRadius so it may be used to authenticate database connections.

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How to Read Oracle Traces from SQL*Plus

Let’s say you need to read trace files from Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). How do you do it? Here is an example of how to list and read those files using rdsadmin: SQL> select * from dba_directories; OWNER DIRECTORY_NAME…

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Use RMAN KEEP Backup To Roll Back From an Upgrade

There is a requirement to back up a database before an application upgrade to be able to rollback. Guarantee Restore Point (GRP) was first considered by us; however, it looks like there is insufficient space from Flash Recovery Area (FRA)….

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PART 4: Implementing Oracle Database Single Sign-on Using Kerberos, Active Directory, and Oracle CMU

This is the fourth and final article in a four-part series related to testing Oracle Database 18c Centrally Managed Users (CMU) by leveraging the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for Oracle DBAs to create a lab or testbed. The third article…

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