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What You Need to Know About Oracle EBS 12.2 CPU – January 2023

I recently applied the January 2023 released E-Business Suite Release 12.2 CPU patches following the release document 2916871.1. Below are a few high-level notes that might be helpful for a quick reference for anyone taking up these patches. E-Business Suite…

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Fixing the Failed Status of imageinfo on Exadata Compute Node

exadata imageinfo failure

I was conducting regular OS patching of all the Exadata components when one of compute nodes caused imageinfo status to report a failure. Here are the steps I took to resolve the issue.   Initially, I thought the problem was…

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OCI Database Cloud Service Patching of Database and Grid Infrastructure Using OCI CLI

oci database

Oracle Patching of Databases (DB) and Grid Infrastructure (GI) is a routine and recommended process for any Oracle database. It’s no different in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). In fact, OCI makes it even easier for DBAs to patch the required…

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Automating Oracle Patching With an Ansible Module

Editor’s Note: Because our bloggers have lots of useful tips, every now and then we bring forward a popular post from the past. We originally published today’s post on February 13, 2019. This blog post has been on my To…

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How I Finished a GI OOP Patching From 19.6 to 19.8 After Facing cluutil: No Such File or Directory and clsrsc-740 Errors

Note: This was originally published on rene-ace.com.

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Silent Rollback From an Out-of-Place Patching For Oracle 19c GI

My last post dealt with how to do an out-of-place patching for Oracle GI (Grid Infrastructure). The next thing I wanted to try was the rollback procedure for this methodology. I searched in MOS (My Oracle Support) and the Oracle... Read More >

Silent Out-of-Place Patching For Oracle 19c GI

I am going through a process of patching an Oracle Grid Infrastructure (GI) from 19.6 to 19.8 (Patch 31305339) and I wanted to try out-of-place patching (OOP). Since I didn't have access to the GUI (graphical user interface) environment, I... Read More >

Resolving Error ORA-28353: Failed to Open Wallet

Full disclosure: this is a post I've had in draft mode for almost one and a half years. I noticed the original error after applying the October 2018 bundle patch (BP) for While I realize most clients are no... Read More >

Overcoming ORA-01722 Error While Doing an Upgrade With Different DST Versions

This will be a short entry, but hopefully, it will help if you face the error “ORA-01722: invalid number” while doing an upgrade. Today I was doing an Oracle RDBMS upgrade from 12.2 with DST 34, to 19.7 with DST…

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Exadata’s InfiniBand Switch: Incorrect NTP settings Leading to Evictions, and Patching Recommendations

Overview This post describes a recent outage during a routine Exadata (X7-2) patching to the release using “patchmgr.” An incorrect configuration of NTP (Network Time Protocol) on the InfiniBand (IB) switches placed all switches in the “discover” state after…

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