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Restoring a Dropped Oracle PDB Without a CDB Backup

Background I ran into a situation where we needed to restore just one dropped (and recreated) pluggable database (PDB) in an Oracle 19c Container Database (CDB), but we did not have any backups for CDB$ROOT, PDB$SEED, etc. Our only backup…

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Understanding the Implications of Creating a New PDB Using CREATE_FILE_DEST

qOverview When creating a new pluggable database, or PDB, you can optionally include the CREATE_FILE_DEST clause. Here’s an example: create pluggable database PDB1 admin user admin identified by “************” create_file_dest = ‘+DATA_DG’;   The value provided can be an ASM…

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An UNDO in a PDB in Oracle 12c?

Fred Denis, Pythian Oracle Database Expert, challenges the idea that there can be only one UNDO tablespace in a multi-tenant architecture.

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