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Pillars of PowerShell: debugging

Introduction The is the third blog post continuing the series on the Pillars of PowerShell. The first two post are: Interacting Commanding We are going to take a bit of a jump and dig into a particular topic that I…

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Pillars of Powershell: Commanding

Introduction This is the second blog post as a continuance in the series on the Pillars of PowerShell. In the initial blog post we went over the various interfaces that can be used to work with PowerShell. In this blog post we are…

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Pillars of PowerShell: Interacting

Introduction PowerShell is a tool that if adopted can be used to help automate and standardize processes in your Windows and SQL Server environment (among other things). This blog series is intended to show you some of the basics (not…

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A (BIG) Trick Listing Windows updates using PowerShell

If you (like me) are using Microsoft.Update.Session for listing the installed windows updates, you might be surprised about something I spent a lot of time today. Our dream team here is deploying a very cool project for a client where we automated…

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Challenge Me! Capturing SQL server data with PowerShell

Hello PowerShell lovers! If you are reading this blog post, then you are likely interested in attending my extended session at SQLBITS SUPERHEROES ( Honored to be selected) Any data professional who is responsible for performance tuning, has their way of…

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Capturing SQL Server IO Latencies for a Period of Time with PowerShell

Today’s blog post is a demonstration of the PowerShell approach to Paul Randal’s recent blog post, Capturing IO Latencies for a Period of Time. Since wait statistics were properly implemented in SQL Server, it turned into a powerful resource to diagnose and troubleshoot…

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