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SQL Server Instance in Script Upgrade mode

Introduction: Almost all of us in our DBA life would have patch/upgrades SQL Server instance and would have faced many issues while upgrading the SQL Server build. Today I will discuss in little detail about the background of the Script…

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Improve Gather Stats in Oracle E-Business Suite

One important aspect of a healthy Oracle database is database statistics. It’s the main data on which CBO feeds to generate good execution plans for SQLs. Implementing a periodic and consistent gather statistics procedure in Oracle E-Business Suite is every…

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Magic Knobs in Replication Agents

Have you ever wondered about tuning your replication configuration to achieve better performance or you got into a situation of huge latency and were looking for an easier way to tune it. In this blog post, I will explain the…

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Column Store Indexes in SQL Server 2012

Introduction: We will discuss Column Store Index and will try to understand the performance improvements of the same query by multiple times using column store index. What is Column store Index: Column Store Index is a feature introduced in SQL Server 2012…

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Mining the AWR to Identify Performance Trends

Sometimes it’s useful to check how performance of a SQL statement changes over time. The diagnostic pack features provide some really useful information to answer these questions. The data is there, but it not always easy to retrieve it, especially if…

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7 Best Practices for Preparing Your Database for Black Friday

7 Tips for Preparing Your Database for Black Friday

Black Friday and its online equivalent, Cyber Monday, are a month away, which means retailers are busy gearing up for a four-day shopping frenzy—kicking off a holiday season that, for many, accounts for 20-40% of their annual revenues. Last year,…

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EMCLI Opens Windows for OEM Interaction

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c rel.3 not only comes with EMCLI in interactive and scripting mode, but also opens ways to interact with OEM through building a custom GUI. Using Jython with Java Swing libraries can bring EMCLI usage to a…

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Options for Tracing Oracle dbms_stats

Sometimes autotask statistics gathering does not work as expected. A couple of things complicate troubleshooting:
1) DBMS_STATS is an Oracle supplied package
2) Autotask jobs seem to defy some of the accepted tracing methods.
This article details how to get useful tracing from DBMS_STATS
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UDM is watching you, UDMs

With time monitoring of several thousand targets of different versions and on different operating systems accumulates additional checks and user-defined metrics for specific requirements. With the presence of a dozen super administrator accounts, the Oracle Enterprise Manager environment demands specific…

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Linux HugePages for Oracle on Amazon EC2

One of the optimizations available to us when running Oracle on Linux is huge page support. This feature of the Linux kernel enables processes to allocate memory pages of size 2M (instead of 4k). In addition, memory allocated using hugepages…

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