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What Is MongoDB?

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What Is Cassandra?

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Oracle Database 12c: Network Recovery in RMAN

Over the past 8 months, I have had the pleasure of working on a soon-to-be-released update for our popular Beginner’s Guide for Oracle Database 12c. Many of the new 12c features have fascinated me and my peers. I have thirsted in particular for the following handful of rman enhancements that are bundled with Database 12c…

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There’s Always Another Bug Hiding Just Around the Corner

We were using a database, and it had been running without any issues for several years. What could possibly go wrong? Anything!

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Hey, Look Who’s on Twitter! It’s Our OEM!

Sometime in the near future… Finally, that day came. He was the last human being to stay on Twitter with the “others”, and he did a good job trying to keep up with “them”. But today is going to be…

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Data Guard Cascaded Standby Support in DB12c

Oracle Database 12c brought more than 500 new features, and many of them are related to Data Guard enhancements. Along with overall improvement of Data Guard Broker, support for cascaded standby databases finally came with the release. Moreover, cascaded destinations…

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Why You Should Combine Your OEM Repository and SQL Developer

Why do we love data? Because it brings us INFORMATION, a central element in today’s computer-driven world. One of the countless sources of data is an OEM repository. Gathered metrics placed together for monitored targets can become priceless in a…

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Be Warned: cmclean.sql Is Dangerous!

I’m sure one of the most popular scripts for Apps DBAs on My Oracle Support is cmclean.sql from MOS Article ID 134007.1 “Concurrent Processing – CMCLEAN.SQL – Non Destructive Script to Clean Concurrent Manager Tables”. DBAs usually use the script…

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SLOB2 Kick start

A few of my friends asked me to assist them with getting up to speed with SLOB2 testings. I have decided to publish this quick blog post and give people to a few hints. Additional Scripts Here are some of…

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OEM Notification on Generated Trace Files

The predefined metric “Dump Area Used (%)” can monitor space consumption for dump destination of oracle database. However, it just triggers on percentage occupied, and if there are several databases on the host using the same file system for trace…

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