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The State of MySQL High Availability Going in to 2018

High availability for MySQL has become increasingly relevant given the ever increasing rate of adoption and implementation. It’s no secret to anyone in the community that the popularity of MySQL has become noteworthy. I still remember my start with MySQL…

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Ansible and AWS automation

Overview The goal was to create and manage a MySQL RDS instance and learn how to control AWS resources by using Ansible. With Ansible interacting with AWS it’s best to determine how hard or easy it is to build and…

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Investigating IO performance on Amazon EC2

I published a blog post called “Investigating IO Performance on Amazon RDS for Oracle” recently, and soon after posting it I received several questions asking if IO worked the same way on EC2 instances. My immediate though was it did,…

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Creating an external slave for a live AWS Aurora Instance

Kevin Markwardt, MySQL Database Consultant at Pythian, explains how to set up an external slave for a live Amazon AWS Aurora instance.

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Microsecond Precision with MySQL on Amazon RDS

Running MySQL in the cloud offers many benefits, including extremely fast provisioning and deployment, managed security, and (mostly) easy operations. But nothing comes for free, and as with all things on this wonderful planet, those benefits come with certain limitations.

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A Most Simple Cloud: Is Amazon RDS for Oracle Right for You?

Amazon Web Services has offered Relational Database Service as part of their cloud offering since 2011.  These days, RDS provides easy to deploy, on-demand database-as-a-service for MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.  When you compare it to essentially any other method of…

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