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Create 19c Database in Archive Mode Using DBCA Silent

I wanted to export 11.2 database schema and import it into a 19c database; creating the database in archive mode to create a backup of all transactions and allow recovery to any point in time. Since the 19c database did…

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How I Finished a Recovery From an Active Duplicate After Facing Errors ORA-19909 and ORA-01110

The other day I was doing a database cloning in from an active duplicate, and got the following error: ORA-19909: datafile 1 belongs to an orphan incarnation and ORA-01110: data file 1. This post explains how I solved these... Read More >

MySQL streaming Xtrabackup to slave recovery

Overview There are times when I need to restore a slave from a backup of a master or another slave, but too many times I have taken the typical approach of taking the backup on the source server and then…

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Table recovery with rman in Database 12c

A quick look at table-level recovery with Database 12c including sample script and output.

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Oracle Database 12c: Network Recovery in RMAN

Over the past 8 months, I have had the pleasure of working on a soon-to-be-released update for our popular Beginner’s Guide for Oracle Database 12c. Many of the new 12c features have fascinated me and my peers. I have thirsted in particular for the following handful of rman enhancements that are bundled with Database 12c…

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Be Warned: cmclean.sql Is Dangerous!

I’m sure one of the most popular scripts for Apps DBAs on My Oracle Support is cmclean.sql from MOS Article ID 134007.1 “Concurrent Processing – CMCLEAN.SQL – Non Destructive Script to Clean Concurrent Manager Tables”. DBAs usually use the script…

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Metalink Note on Datafile Recovery Will Corrupt Database

Thinking I had something new, I wrote this article about recovering deleted files. However, it turns out Frits Hoogland had already blogged about recovery of deleted files on linux, as Frits pointed out in a comment on my blog, where he also mentioned a metalink note on this matter. The procedure outlined in the note describes how to recover the deleted file and put it in the same location as the deleted file. The problem is that it doesn’t include offlining/onlining the file, so the database ends up with two distinct copies of the file.

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How to Recover Deleted Oracle Datafiles with No Downtime

So you have accidentally removed a datafile from your production database? First thing, DON’T PANIC! There’s an easy way to recover deleted datafiles, for as long as your database remains up. The procedure, outlined here, works on linux, however this method conceivably can work for other platforms.

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