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101 Series of Oracle in Google Cloud – Part I : Building ASM and Database

About a year ago, I worked on a project with some amazing teammates (Simon Pane and Karun Dutt) to collaborate on a POC to move their Oracle environment into Google Cloud. This series reflects some of the things I learned... Read More >

22 Ways to Make Remote Work, Work!

If I offered you a job that would allow you to live anywhere you wanted, where you could wake up and start work at any time, and never be stuck in traffic… would that check some of the boxes on…

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EI and high-stress remote meetings – part two

How we got here When there is a high-stress emergency, why is it not enough to create a group of the best-skilled people and let them figure out what to do? What is all this emotional intelligence mumbo-jumbo? The classical…

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Four must-haves to make your remote business succeed

The debate over remote work rages on. This past March, IBM announced that the 2,600 employees of its U.S. marketing department would now be required to work on-site or look for other jobs. The decision was stunningly ironic — after…

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