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How to Handle Shadow IT Challenges in Your Remote Work Environment

shadow it

Shadow IT has plagued organizations for years, but the pandemic—and the rise of remote and hybrid workforces—has only exacerbated this issue.     With 77 percent of organizations adopting a hybrid work model, a large portion of employees will likely…

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Is Your Google Workspace Environment Secure?

google workspace

Everyday productivity applications can hold a significant amount of corporate data, creating risk for an organization—particularly with remote and hybrid workforces, where data could reside at the ‘edge’ of the organization in laptops, mobile phones and even unregistered devices.  …

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Move Forward by Working Faster

“If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling back.” — Sam Waterston Despite – and, in some cases, because of – all the uncertainty we’ve faced recently, organizations are working hard to keep up with delivering the experiences, products and services…

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Pythian Postcards: Fraijanes, Guatemala


Editor’s Note: Welcome to the most recent post in our “Pythian Postcards” series! We’ve visited employees around the world, including Toulouse, France and Singapore. Today, we’re very pleased to have a post from Jose Solares who’s going to help us…

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