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Using Kafka to Replicate Data from Postgres to MS SQL Server: Part 1


    The Challenge You’ve probably heard the expression, “Data is the new oil”.  That’s because data is at the heart of any business decision system of any organization. However, the data you need  isn’t always located in only one…

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Cassandra for Beginners: Replication

cassandra for beginners

This post is the continuation of the previous post, Cassandra 101: Understanding What Cassandra Is, in which I’ll highlight a series of topics related to Cassandra for beginners.       Replication Factor The replication factor in Cassandra can be…

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Exposing MyRocks internals Via system variables: Part 6, Replication

(In the previous post, Part 5, we covered Data Reads.) In this blog post, we continue our series of exploring MyRocks mechanics by looking at the configurable server variables and column family options. In our last post, I explained at…

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Interesting happenstance when installing Ansible dependencies in a MySQL Docker container

I’ve been posting quite a bit about Docker as I’ve been working with it a lot as of late. I thought I would share something interesting I discovered a couple weeks ago while working on setting up a Docker container-based…

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Replicating from a higher to lower MySQL version

As we know, replication is only supported officially between consecutive major MySQL versions, and only from a lower version master to a higher version slave. This means for example, the following scenario is supported: 5.6 master –> 5.7 slave while these…

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Asynchronous replication from MySQL cluster

MySQL Cluster is a highly available, distributed, shared-nothing database with very interesting performance characteristics for some workloads. Among other features, it supports automatic sharding and allows us to bypass the SQL layer if we don’t need it, via the NDB…

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Replicating users and tablespaces with Oracle GoldenGate

Gleb Otochkin explains how to replicate users and tablespaces using Oracle GoldenGate.

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GoldenGate 12.2 big data adapters: part 5 – MongoDB

In part five of his series on GoldenGate 12.2 Big Data Adapters, Gleb Otochkin, Principal Consultant and Certified Oracle Expert at Pythian, tests the Oracle GoldenGate Adapter for MongoDB taken from the Oracle Data Integration project.

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How to verify if a slave running in MySQL 5.7

Derek Downey, OSDB Practice Advocate at Pythian, explains how to verify that a Slave is running in MySQL 5.7.

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Truncates and sequences replication in Oracle GoldenGate

Gleb Otochkin, Principal Consultant and Certified Oracle Expert at Pythian, discusses the truncate operation and support for sequences values replication.

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