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Auditing files in Linux

Stat command in Linux can be used to display a file or a file system status. I came across an issue in RHEL4 where a file’s ‘Change time’ is far ahead than the ‘Modification time’ without a change in uid,…

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Making it easier to graph your infrastructure’s performance data

Today I would like to share a story with you about the development of a Puppet module for Grafana and its release on the Puppet Forge. But first, I’d like to provide some context so you can understand where Grafana…

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SaltStack for remote parallel execution of commands

There are many scenarios when a SysAdmin has to do a “box walk” of the entire infrastructure to execute a command across many servers. This is universally accepted as one of the less glamorous parts of our job. The larger…

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Essential Hadoop concepts for systems administrators

Of course, everyone knows Hadoop as the solution to Big Data. What’s the problem with Big Data? Well, mostly it’s just that Big Data is too big to access and process in a timely fashion on a conventional enterprise system….

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