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Leverage Snowflake Tagging to Empower Governance

As the amount of data organizations collects grows, managing that data becomes increasingly complex. That’s where data governance comes in: the process of managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data used in an organization. Snowflake has implemented…

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Snowflake Feature Applicability At a Glance

Preparing for the Snowflake SnowPro Advanced: Architect Certification can be challenging. You need to have a deep understanding of the core concepts as well as specific feature capabilities. Snowflake’s excellent documentation provides detailed information. However, it is difficult to determine…

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Datascape Episode 64: Recapping the 2022 Snowflake Summit Conference with Sandeep Arora

datascape 64

Episode 64 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. Pythian cloud architect Sandeep Arora recaps the updates from the conference, including new cybersecurity capabilities, integrations with AWS and Data Lakes, performance improvements, and more. Tune in to hear…

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Datascape Episode 52: Snowflake Snowday Updates Fall 2021

datascape podcast

Episode 52 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. In today’s show, we’ll recap the recent Snowday PR event and discuss some of the things that are in preview right now and will become available in 2022 for…

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Datascape Episode 49: SQL Server, Snowflake, IT Industry Advice and More

Episode 49 Shownotes SQL Server, Snowflake, IT Industry Advice and More     Welcome to the latest episode of the Datascape Podcast. Our guest for today’s episode is writer and SQL authority Pinal Dave. Pinal talks about his work with…

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Methodology for Snowflake Role-Based Access Control

Justification Snowflake offers role-based access control (RBAC) as the mechanism to handle authorization of security principals (users, services, etc.) and grant or deny them access to different database objects and operations. A key piece of a successful Snowflake implementation is…

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DataOps – Liquibase to Manage Changes in Snowflake

What is this about? Well, as the title implies, I will show how to set up Liquibase to manage changes in Snowflake as part of a DataOps practice. Why? Because I am going deep-dive into DataOps around Snowflake and I’ve…

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Snowflake System Function Error: Argument 0 to Function SYSTEM$PIPE_STATUS Needs to Be Constant

I recently encountered the above issue which prompted me to write this blog post so I can easily reference the solution whenever I need it. However, I also hope it might help anyone out there who hits a similar issue….

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Replicating MySQL to Snowflake with Kafka and Debezium—Part Two: Data Ingestion

Here we go again Hello, and welcome to this second part of my “Replicating MySQL to Snowflake” series. If you landed here from a web search and missed part one, you can take a look here: part one. What’s up?…

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Replicating MySQL to Snowflake with Kafka and Debezium—Part One: Data Extraction

What, Snowflake? Yes, Snowflake. While my core skills are based on the Oracle database, lately I’ve been working more on platforms like BigQuery and Snowflake—”lately” being the last one-and-a-half years or so. While this is my very first post related…

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