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Oracle SQL Developer – now in web!

For some time, I was trying to use a Google Pixelbook for my work. It was kind of a challenge and among other things, I struggled to work without a good web-based SQL client or tool. I used a jump…

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Making existing SQLPLUS Scripts 12c and Container DB (PDB) compatible

Oracle 12c introduces new catalog features including CDB_ dictionary views (which include a CON_ID column) superseding the DBA_ views that most DBA sqlplus scripts are based upon. However, existing DBA sqlplus scripts can easily be modified using just a few…

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Why You Should Combine Your OEM Repository and SQL Developer

Why do we love data? Because it brings us INFORMATION, a central element in today’s computer-driven world. One of the countless sources of data is an OEM repository. Gathered metrics placed together for monitored targets can become priceless in a…

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