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Leverage Snowflake Tagging to Empower Governance

As the amount of data organizations collects grows, managing that data becomes increasingly complex. That’s where data governance comes in: the process of managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data used in an organization. Snowflake has implemented…

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How to deploy a Cockroach DB Cluster in GCP – Part I

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL Database that has been gaining popularity in the last years because of its features. It is easy to deploy, with strong consistency, designed for the cloud, it has distributed transactions and easy to scale. Not…

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Slow Query in eBS AutoConfig with DB 19c

slow query

We recently completed a few e eBS R12.2 database upgrade installations and noticed an issue with a particular SQL running as part of the AutoConfig.       The query sql_id is 5da8tjzfafw6j and it looks like this (formatted): select…

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Oracle Scheduler Job is Not Running as Expected After Bouncing Databases

dev database

One of our clients had issues with their scheduler jobs in DEV and PROD databases and all scheduler jobs stopped running after July 31st, 2021. Both databases were 19c and patched with July 2021 19.12 RU and the parameter job_queue_processes…

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SQL Server Distributed Availability Group with Forwarder in Microsoft Azure

mysql queries

Architecture diagram Register the application with the name terraform. Leave all options as default. Add a secret that will be used as a password to authenticate terraform. Provide a description and expiry period for the secret. Copy the Secret ID…

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Google Recognizes Pythian’s Outstanding Data Management Work in 2020 with Inaugural Award

Love your data.  It’s far more than our tagline here at Pythian—it’s truly in our DNA.  That’s why we’re thrilled, honored and even a bit humbled to be named the first-ever Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year for Data…

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Data preparation with dbt and BigQuery

Raw incoming data needs to go through a series of data preparation steps before it can be used for analysis. These steps include tasks such as type casting, renaming columns, cleaning values and identifying duplicates. Writing code to perform these…

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How To Rename Interval Partition with More Meaningful Name

When using interval partitioning, the database automatically creates partitions for a specified interval. Unfortunately, the database creates partitions with non-meaningful names, e.g. SYS_P35714. It would be better if the partition was named using some sort of format, e.g. PYYYYMM –…

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DML by Unique Index Supposedly Affecting Many Rows

This blog post is based on a real customer case, and illustrates how v$sql reports execution statistics for certain DML types of operations (I purposely have not named which DML types … yet). These reports can be misleading when troubleshooting…

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Azure Synapse Analytics Q1 2021 Updates

Since Microsoft announced Azure Synapse Analytics back at the Ignite conference in 2019, the data community has expressed a lot of excitement and skepticism. A lot of people thought that integrating so many different components like MPP warehousing, Spark, pipelines,…

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