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Renewing the (Default) PMM Certificate

PMM certificate

Recently one of our colleagues was struggling with the default self-signed SSL certificate that ships with Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM). He needed an older version of PMM to run in a test environment for a particular project. He was…

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Part Five: Deploying High Availability Applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure— SSL Certificates and Load Balancer Setup

load balancer

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts that covers setting up the load balancer for a high available setup of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s resources.   Recap This is the fifth of a…

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How to Secure Your Elastic Stack (Plus Kibana, Logstash and Beats)

Editor’s Note: Because our bloggers have lots of useful tips, every now and then we bring forward a popular post from the past. We originally published today’s post on December 16, 2019. This is the second of a series of…

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Setting up MySQL encrypted replication on MySQL 5.7 with GTID

In this blog post, I’ll walk you through setting up encrypted replication on MySQL 5.7 with GTID enabled. I will walk you through how to create sample certificates and keys, and then configure MySQL to only use replication via an…

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Sending email from Oracle with utl_smtp via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Note: This article was updated following Symantec Trust issues earlier in 2018. Sometimes I want to send email from my own databases for testing purposes. Lacking a mail server, I opted to use Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES). SES is…

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