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Advanced compression option caveat in Oracle 12c

  Oracle 12c introduced a new capability to move a partition online, without any interruptions to DML happening at the same time. But, there’s a catch. So far we’ve been able to use basic table compression without having to worry…

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ORA-10173: Dynamic sampling time-out error

  Recently on a heavily used and freshly upgraded ware-house type database, we started seeing lots of ORA-10173 dumped into the alert log. The information out there on this error is somewhat sparse, and it is often linked to…

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High “cursor: pin S wait on X” waits?

If your system meets any of the following criteria: – Oracle or higher – Partitioned tables – Parallel query heavily used – Bind variables in use, as they should be and, you’re seeing unusually high “cursor: pin S wait…

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