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Sydney Oracle Meetup #2 Report – Visualizing Oracle Performance

More than a month has passed since Sydney Oracle Meetup #2. We shot some video, but it took me a while to process it and publish a few interesting pieces, but I finally got it all. Have a look.

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Sydney Oracle Meetup #5 — Oracle 11g Adoption

This meetup is focused on Oracle 11g adoption. We will have one presentation followed by (or combined with) the discussion of Oracle Database 11g release, who is using it currently – what are positive and negative moments. The presentation for this meeting is “Oracle 11g New Features Out of the Box” by Alex Gorbachev. Unlike many presentations on 11g new features, we will try to focus on a more subtle enhancements and less known new features.

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Sydney Oracle Meetup #4 — Backups, Recovery and Disasters

SOM #4 is about Oracle backup and recovery. As usual, Pizza and drinks arrive at 5:30PM and we start the presentation at 6PM. We should be out by 8:30PM with optional post-event program. It’s Friday night in the end!

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Sydney Oracle Meetup #3 — Focus on E-Business Suite

We have to limit the number of people to 40 this time so make sure you RSVP timely! We are gathering at 5:30pm and technical goodies are starting at 6pm so use this time to catch up with other members. We should finish by 8:30pm including a beaks and some post follow up. The presentation schedule is a bit floating this time. As usual, we should have some pizza and beverages facilitating seamless peer networking. ;-) In addition to the main topic, we plan to have some overview of Oracle / Sun deal and share what everyone thinks about it + report from the InSync09 conference. We will talk a bit about MySQL as it becomes Oracle technology now.

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Sydney Oracle Meetup #2 — Performance Evening with Tanel Poder and Ric Van Dyke

I presented my session Under The Hood of Oracle Clusterware and it went quite well and even the demo worked so we didn’t get to the fun troubleshooting experience. I love when the audience is actively engaged and presentation is not “one-way” — lot’s of fun (and spare time to refill while someone else is talking). We had a nice break between two parts of the presentation and, instead of 10-15 minutes bio-break, it turned into 30 minutes of peers networking and, unfortunately, I had to interrupt it in order to continue. Note to myself, we should plan to have more free flowing discussions and also plan small meetups directly in a pub, maybe.

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Sydney Oracle Meetup — The Very First

Gday everyone. This information would be most useful for the Oracle professionals in Sydney, Australia. I’m very excited to announce the Sydney Oracle Meetup (SOM). We will be meeting regularly starting on Tuesday, 31st of March 2009. For each event, I’m targeting to have one or two speakers — sometimes with a formal full blown presentation and other times with rather informal whiteboard style sessions. The target is to meet fortnightly if we can manage such pace.

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