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Oracle April 2021 Update Security Improvements on TLS (Transport Level Security)

If your application uses Java 1.7 that connects to Oracle Database securely over TCPS (Transmission Control Protocol with SSL), and you keep your security patching up to date, the latest Oracle April 2021 security updates may raise some challenges for…

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Using LetsEncrypt Certs with Oracle E-Business suite

Enabling TLS/SSL is the first step of securing Oracle E-Business Suite, especially if you have internet facing DMZ nodes. TLS is what powers the Oracle EBS to use https URLs. LetsEncrypt makes this process easy. Let’s Encrypt is a certificate…

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Sending email from Oracle with utl_smtp via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Note: This article was updated following Symantec Trust issues earlier in 2018. Sometimes I want to send email from my own databases for testing purposes. Lacking a mail server, I opted to use Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES). SES is…

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