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SMB File Share and SQL Server: An option to consider

Introduction When we relate file share and databases, many people will turn up their noses – but today this is a reality that we can use even in production. Microsoft spent the last years working on improvements to the Server…

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How to move Oracle DB to New Oracle Home on Same Windows Server

I have been thinking about writing a Pythian blog for long time, and today I finally took the opportunity. In the DBA life, it’s common to get a request to move the database across servers due to a RDBMS upgrade…

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Managing Oracle on Windows: Where’s my Oratab?

If you manage Oracle on Windows, you probably have wondered why it is so difficult to work out which Oracle instances are running and which ORACLE_HOMEs they use. On Unix or Linux, this is a very simple task.  Oracle services…

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Oracle 11g Solaris/AIX/HP-UX/Win64 are out

The 11g platforms are now coming out fast and furious, In addition to the previously-released platforms.So download away, after checking your platform certification first, of course. Links to platforms in this post.

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