Part Three: Deploying High Available Applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Instance Clone and Linux Storage Appliance

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This is the third in a series that covers the details to deploy a high-available setup of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s resources. Recap This series demonstrates how to deploy a high-available installation of OEM 13.5 using…

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SQL Server Distributed Availability Group with Forwarder in Microsoft Azure

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Architecture diagram Register the application with the name terraform. Leave all options as default. Add a secret that will be used as a password to authenticate terraform. Provide a description and expiry period for the secret. Copy the Secret ID…

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Monitoring Azure Data Factory, Self Hosted IR and Pipelines


Architecture diagram Azure Data Factory Analytics solution For monitoring and analyzing data factory pipelines, I recommend installing the Azure Data Factory Analytics solution from Azure Marketplace. This solution provides you a summary of the overall health of your Data Factory,…

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Methodology for Snowflake Role-Based Access Control

Justification Snowflake offers role-based access control (RBAC) as the mechanism to handle authorization of security principals (users, services, etc.) and grant or deny them access to different database objects and operations. A key piece of a successful Snowflake implementation is…

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Migration and Upgrade from EC2 to RDS Using DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER

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Performing a simple manual migration and upgrade from EC2 to RDS without using S3 Object Storage: Here I will give a brief example of how to import data from Oracle Database on-premises or VM in EC2 into an RDS instance…

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Caching Alternatives in Google Dataflow: Avoiding Quota Limits and Improving Performance

The problem When building data pipelines, it’s very common to require an external API call to enrich, validate or obfuscate data using external services. This might happen with streaming or batch pipeline. The situation is the same: call external services…

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Part Two: Deploying High Available Applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Application Machine

oracle cloud infrastructure

This is the second in a series of blog posts that covers the details to deploy a high available setup of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s resources. Recap This series will demonstrate how to deploy a high…

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Looking Back to Look Forward: Experts Share Cloud Service Trends for 2021

You’ve heard it before: The pandemic accelerated digital transformation. And indeed, organizations stood up temporary technology solutions and expanded cloud services virtually overnight. Organizations took extraordinary measures to ensure necessary employee support, uninterrupted services to customers, and that business kept…

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Automatic Generation of Daily AWR Report

I have recently received a requirement to provide a daily automatic AWR report, and it should be delivered to the DBA team’s inbox. It looks like an interesting requirement, so I completed this using my test database first, having the…

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DataOps – Liquibase to Manage Changes in Snowflake

What is this about? Well, as the title implies, I will show how to set up Liquibase to manage changes in Snowflake as part of a DataOps practice. Why? Because I am going deep-dive into DataOps around Snowflake and I’ve…

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