Why Having the Right Support Matters for Google Workspace

google workspace

At the start of the pandemic, most companies were focused on staying afloat as they looked for remote collaboration solutions to support their workforce—or to ramp up solutions they already had in place. At the time, it was about transitioning…

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Building an EDP: Best Practices and Considerations: Part 2

enterprise data platform

When architecting a data platform that will be utilized across an enterprise, it is important to design with scale, operational efficiency, and platform growth in mind from the beginning. Think big picture during the platform’s inception, define a clear vision…

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Defining Data Retention

data retention

Previously, we discussed the value of geospatial data and how it drives much of the personalization and value found in today’s mobile applications, with this value comes risk that can be managed if done holistically across the organization through strong…

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Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: Which is Right for Your Organization?

google microsoft

These days, most businesses don’t have a heterogeneous IT environment—even if it seems like it on paper.     You might be a Google shop, but have a group of users who are die-hard devotees to certain Microsoft 365 tools….

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Best Practices for Enterprise Data Platforms on Google Cloud: Part 1

enterprise data google

Enterprises recognize that becoming truly data-driven will propel innovation, transformation, and differentiation. However, the modern analytics journey can be complicated and take many years, making swift results challenging.    Balancing the desire for quick wins with the skills needed to…

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Geography in Data Governance

data governance

Previously we discussed the growth in certain types of data, specifically data lineage. Data lineage information allows us to programmatically build systems that respond to changing conditions of data access, data quality and consumption.   Another type of data that is growing…

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How to Keep HR Happy Leveraging Workspace Capabilities

hr compliance

HR departments have access to a lot of sensitive, private data on employees, including social insurance numbers, banking information and salary details. They might run background checks or keep medical data on file for workplace benefit plans. So, if that…

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How to Fix the “There is not enough space on the disk” Azure SQL Data Sync Error

data sync

Here’s how to remedy the “There is not enough space on the disk” error on Azure SQL Data Sync.       Problem You established a data sync between an Azure SQL Database to a SQL server, on-premises, or in…

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Improving Your Digital Velocity

digital velocity

In our digital first world, an organization’s value manifests through the release of new products, features, and capabilities for users. The faster an organization can release innovative capabilities and gain widespread adoption in the user base, the higher the bar…

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Datascape Episode 62: Post-COVID-19 IT, Enterprise Architecture, Data Mesh, and More With Paul Lewis

datascape 62

Episode 62 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. In this episode, Pythian CTO Paul Lewis talks about technological challenges in the post-COVID-19 era, the state of enterprise architecture, the organizational landscape, cloud innovation, and more.  Tune in…

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