Why Achieving Quick Business Wins Should Be Built Into Your D&A

data & analytics

Having worked in the Data & Analytics (D&A) space for decades, the struggle to gain business insights through data is constant. I’ve used many approaches; some have worked, while others looked better on paper. Over time, however, the path to…

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Modernizing the Analytical Model Supply Chain

model supply chain

Events over the past two years have highlighted the many complexities and unknown dependencies in global supply chains. As different countries shut down, re-opened and shut down again, it caused a cascading effect on the manufacturing of complex semiconductors, consumer…

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Migrate RDB to Cloud SQL Using Google’s Dataflow

rdbms data transfer

Most corporations have huge amounts of data in RDBMS (relational database management system). When considering a RDBMS data transfer and you only need a subset of data to migrate to the cloud, follow this very efficient and easy data ingestion…

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The Importance of a Modern Cloud Platform Foundation: Part Four

As with any journey, having a good roadmap and a well-tuned vehicle make for a smoother trip. For an analytics program, the engine for success comes from a modern data platform. Today, this almost always means a cloud-based solution and…

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The Four Stages of Analytics Maturity: Part Three

Once you’ve established your destination, it’s time to hit the road. An organization’s analytic journey typically progresses through four stages of maturity, as follows: See: Deliver insights on where the business is today and was historically. Predict: Project future scenarios…

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Top Business Drivers for Analytics Programs: Part Two

Anyone who’s been on a road trip has heard this question. It usually comes from the backseat of the car, where it can be difficult to see the route ahead, and near-impossible to judge progress. For those tasked with managing…

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Accelerating Your Analytics Journey: Part One

Data. According to Merriam Webster, data is “information in digital form that can be transmitted or processed.” Sounds simple. Sounds like something that’s everywhere. However, smart, influential business leaders will tell you data is important. It’s powerful. It’s a key…

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How to Deploy Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform

Editor’s Note: Because our bloggers have lots of useful tips, every now and then we update and bring forward a popular post from the past. Today’s post was originally published on August 15, 2019. In this post, I’ll describe a…

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Dipping Your Toes Into Building an Analytics Platform on Google Cloud Platform

“We have many disparate data sources and we’re having a hard time getting a global view of all our data across our organization.” “Our data is currently all in <enter data warehouse name here> and we want to migrate it…

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Global Analytics with Azure Cosmos Db and Synapse Analytics – SQL On The Edge Episode 21

A few months ago, Microsoft revealed that they were looking into adding a capability of querying Cosmos Db data through Spark and this immediately got me thinking into the new scenarios this would enable. The most ambitious is the capability…

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