Switching to a new Google Cloud partner?

Blog 4: Switching to a new Google Cloud partner?.

Google wants to ensure that its customers are successful in the cloud. To do that, partners play a vital role, particularly in areas that require skilled expertise such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, Kubernetes and other emerging tech. That’s why…

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Tailor Business Cases for Digital Transformation

Running a business in a technological era is exciting, however tough to keep up with. It seems like everyone and their neighbor has the latest and greatest when it comes to maintaining a technological edge. Landscape shifting services and products…

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Apache Beam: the Future of Data Processing?

apache beam

Apache Beam is a unified model for defining both batch and streaming data-parallel processing pipelines. It’s a software development kit (SDK) to define and construct data processing pipelines as well as runners to execute them.     Why Apache Beam?…

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Google Workspace vs. Microsoft 365: Which is Right for Your Organization?

google microsoft

These days, most businesses don’t have a heterogeneous IT environment—even if it seems like it on paper.     You might be a Google shop, but have a group of users who are die-hard devotees to certain Microsoft 365 tools….

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How to Keep HR Happy Leveraging Workspace Capabilities

hr compliance

HR departments have access to a lot of sensitive, private data on employees, including social insurance numbers, banking information and salary details. They might run background checks or keep medical data on file for workplace benefit plans. So, if that…

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5 Reasons to Partner with a Google Cloud Managed Services Provider

google cloud

You’ve taken the leap and decided to migrate some of your workloads to Google Cloud, which are now being managed by your internal IT team. But how will you extract the most value out of your investment in the Google…

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Online Data Migration from SQL Server to Cloud Spanner Using Striim


This post will focus on the implementation of a continuous migration from SQL Server to Cloud Spanner using Striim. It includes steps for configuring an initial load and a continuous data replication using change data capture. However, I don’t cover …

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Securing your Application with Google’s WAF Cloud Armor

cloud armor

If you’re running an application on the public internet, security in this day and age is key. With the adage of defense in mind, you want to have multiple layers of checks as requests get further into your application layers…

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Why Choose Google Cloud for Your Data Warehouse Migration

You’ve already moved some of your workloads to the cloud—probably the ones that were easiest to migrate, or the ones that provided a quick win. But your most complex workloads are probably still sitting in an on-prem data warehouse. While…

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Why Migrate Your PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQL Server to Google Cloud SQL?

Whether you’re using a PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQL Server relational database, a migration to Google Cloud SQL can take it up a notch—automating management tasks, ensuring business continuity and staying up-to-date with security and compliance requirements. And, with a solution…

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