How to Resize Exadata Grid Disks Without an Outage

exadata grid disk

As you might know, each Exadata cell contains 12 physical disks with a fixed size. If you want to increase the ASM disk group size, you may need to purchase additional cell servers, which is expensive. In this blog, I’ll…

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Oracle Scheduler Job is Not Running as Expected After Bouncing Databases

dev database

One of our clients had issues with their scheduler jobs in DEV and PROD databases and all scheduler jobs stopped running after July 31st, 2021. Both databases were 19c and patched with July 2021 19.12 RU and the parameter job_queue_processes…

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Statspack vs. AWR: Wrong number of SQL Executions


This post is about a Statspack anomaly I discovered while analyzing execution trends of a particular SQL on one of our clients’ databases. I decided to share it, since its appearance can be misleading. The database in question was an…

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Part Four: Deploying High Availability Applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 Setup


This is the fourth in a series of blog posts that covers the details to deploy a high available set up of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s resources.   Recap This is the fourth of a six-part…

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RAC – Clusterware Intermittently Fails to Start

laptop red post it

While working on a new Grid Infrastructure installation on Red Hat V8.4, we had some issues testing a new cluster: The clusterware failed to come back up after a node reboot… but sometimes it worked. We had the latest 19c…

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Adding DML Parallelization to Oracle Jobs

code on screen laptop

When investigating why an Oracle job is taking a long time to execute, normally the DBA will identify the DML instructions or select queries running longer and different approaches might be used to improve the performance, e.g., create new indexes,…

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Restoring a Dropped Oracle PDB Without a CDB Backup

Background I ran into a situation where we needed to restore just one dropped (and recreated) pluggable database (PDB) in an Oracle 19c Container Database (CDB), but we did not have any backups for CDB$ROOT, PDB$SEED, etc. Our only backup…

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Automatic Generation of Daily AWR Report

I have recently received a requirement to provide a daily automatic AWR report, and it should be delivered to the DBA team’s inbox. It looks like an interesting requirement, so I completed this using my test database first, having the…

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Using El Carro Operator on AWS

Introduction Google recently released a Kubernetes operator for Oracle, El Carro. The project includes good examples of how it works on GCP and on your local computer (using minikube). Given it is a portable implementation, we wanted to give it…

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Part One: Deploying High Available Applications in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Preparing Your Environment

This is Part One in a five-part series that covers the details around deploying a high available setup of Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources exclusively.   Overview This series will show how you can use Oracle…

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