OCI Dashboard – A Single pane of Glass to your OCI Workloads – Part 1

OCI Dashboards is a free service that Oracle provides on its OCI platform. Using dashboards, you can get a high level picture of your current workloads, observe trends, diagnose issues and much more! OCI provides 7 types of widgets to…

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Securing your Application with Google’s WAF Cloud Armor

cloud armor

If you’re running an application on the public internet, security in this day and age is key. With the adage of defense in mind, you want to have multiple layers of checks as requests get further into your application layers…

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An Initial Test of Google’s AlloyDB Columnar Engine

alloydb columnar engine

Google just recently launched the public preview of their new customized cloud version of PostgreSQL called AlloyDB. This Google Cloud Platform (GCP) managed database service is not the same as their Cloud SQL PostgreSQL service that still exists and is…

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How to Kickstart Your Data Governance Program

kickstart data governance

In our previous discussions we reviewed the two primary dimensions to a data governance program. First are the functions necessary to be successful including compliance and risk management, policy, data management, literacy, and architecture. Second is the organizational model for how these capabilities…

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Datascape Episode 57: Building Big Data Platforms in Azure With Luan Moreno

datascape episode 57

Episode 57 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. On today’s show, Big Data expert and Microsoft data platform MVP Luan Moreno tunes in from Brazil.  Luan talks about the start of his career as a DBA, his…

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Slow Query in eBS AutoConfig with DB 19c

slow query

We recently completed a few e eBS R12.2 database upgrade installations and noticed an issue with a particular SQL running as part of the AutoConfig.       The query sql_id is 5da8tjzfafw6j and it looks like this (formatted): select…

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CVE-2022-21500 and Your Oracle E-Business Suite


Something  exciting happened a few days ago. It started with a tweet and a blog post, and has evolved into an official CVE-2022-21500. I thought it would be good to publish some details beyond the official MOS note document.  …

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Building Organizational Models for Better Data Governance

In our previous post we discussed the five phases of data governance programs. These include define, design, build, transition and measure. These phases allow us to plan work, execute, and understand a program’s impact while adjusting future prioritization and maximizing…

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How to Add Data Visualization and Empower EBS Users With Enterprise Command Centers

data visualization

In 2018, Oracle announced the release of Oracle Enterprise Command Centers (ECC) for E-Business Suite. This EBS add-on provides users with discovery-oriented dashboards that bring together diverse operational data from across Oracle E-Business Suite.     Oracle Endeca, its predecessor, needed…

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Datascape Episode 56: Oracle Database, Exadata and Cloud Update

datascape 56

Episode 56 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. On today’s show, Franky Faust joins us from Brazil to discuss all things Oracle, Exadata, and Cloud. Franky begins by outlining his career, describing how he got his start…

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