Datascape Episode 60: Data Strategy, Data Literacy, Monetization, and More with Joey Jablonski

datascape 60

Episode 60 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. VP of Analytics Joey Jablonski joins us to discuss data-related trends and challenges, as well as his 20+ year career in technology, including his time at the US Department…

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Monitoring Transaction Logs in PostgreSQL


An important part of PostgreSQL monitoring is looking at how many transaction logs or WAL (Write Ahead Logs) files that are produced. WALs are produced as a part of the MVCC (MultiVersion Concurrency Control) that PostgreSQL uses. WAL ensures that…

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Useful CQLSH Commands for Everyday Use

Cassandra is an open-source NoSQL distributed database used for processing large volumes of data with high availability and scalability.     The CQL shell (cqlsh) allows users to communicate with Cassandra. Using this shell, you can execute Cassandra Query Language…

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Using asmcmd to Find the spfile and Password from ASM


I’m currently reviewing an environment that has been upgraded to 19c based on information from oratab. The reason for the review is to remove previously installed versions of the software.     Oracle software is installed to ORACLE_HOME, with variables…

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SQL Server In-Place Upgrade Failed: Wait on the Database Engine Recovery Handle Failed

A few weeks ago I was performing an in-place upgrade from SQL Server 2014 to SQL Server 2017. I followed each and every pre-check before performing an in-place upgrade, but got an  error message at the end of the installation….

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Why Achieving Quick Business Wins Should Be Built Into Your D&A

data & analytics

Having worked in the Data & Analytics (D&A) space for decades, the struggle to gain business insights through data is constant. I’ve used many approaches; some have worked, while others looked better on paper. Over time, however, the path to…

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5 Reasons to Partner with a Google Cloud Managed Services Provider

google cloud

You’ve taken the leap and decided to migrate some of your workloads to Google Cloud, which are now being managed by your internal IT team. But how will you extract the most value out of your investment in the Google…

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Metadata-Driven Data Governance: the How and Why


In our previous discussion, we explored the role of data stewards and their vital function for data governance programs. They’re the champions that identify data quality shortfalls and work with business partners to improve data quality. Data stewards are the…

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Datascape Episode 59: Google BigQuery Architecture, Cloud Migrations, and Working from Home with Megha Bedi

episode 59

Episode 59 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. Cloud consultant Megha Bedi joins us from Meerut (near New Delhi) to discuss Google Cloud migrations and architecture. Megha’s impressive track record includes data and cloud project management, data…

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Data Streaming with Kafka and Flink on AWS – Part 1

Apache Kafka and Apache Flink are popular data streaming applications platforms. However, provisioning and managing your own clusters can be challenging and incur operational overhead. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a fully managed, highly available version of these platforms that…

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