Building Organizational Models for Better Data Governance

In our previous post we discussed the five phases of data governance programs. These include define, design, build, transition and measure. These phases allow us to plan work, execute, and understand a program’s impact while adjusting future prioritization and maximizing…

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How to Add Data Visualization and Empower EBS Users With Enterprise Command Centers

data visualization

In 2018, Oracle announced the release of Oracle Enterprise Command Centers (ECC) for E-Business Suite. This EBS add-on provides users with discovery-oriented dashboards that bring together diverse operational data from across Oracle E-Business Suite.     Oracle Endeca, its predecessor, needed…

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Datascape Episode 56: Oracle Database, Exadata and Cloud Update

datascape 56

Episode 56 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. On today’s show, Franky Faust joins us from Brazil to discuss all things Oracle, Exadata, and Cloud. Franky begins by outlining his career, describing how he got his start…

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Data Monetization Through Data Marketplaces

data monetization

Many organizations hear “third-party data” and jump to the consumption of external data for augmenting their in-house generated and curated datasets. But there’s another aspect of third-party data, which is providing it back to others for their consumption. This is…

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How to Test and Verify that Oracle RDS Alert Log Monitoring is Working

rds log monitoring

One of the standard Oracle DBA tasks is to monitor the alert log for errors. Whether you’re using the integrated AWS Cloudwatch or customized monitoring scripts, you’ll want to test that the monitoring function is working properly.      …

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Why Choose Google Cloud for Your Data Warehouse Migration

You’ve already moved some of your workloads to the cloud—probably the ones that were easiest to migrate, or the ones that provided a quick win. But your most complex workloads are probably still sitting in an on-prem data warehouse. While…

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DP Agent in HANA Cloud Migrations: the How and Why

dp agent hana cloud migration

SAP HANA is the evolution of SAP HANA Service. It’s an in-memory platform for processing high data rates in real-time. One of the main motivations of SAP HANA is to connect with on-premises systems, giving customers a seamless connection between…

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A Closer Look at Data Governance Program Phases

data governance

In a previous post, I outlined how designing data governance programs can deliver business value. In this post, we’ll look in greater detail at the life cycle of a typical program.     Data governance programs thrive on established and…

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Why Comprehensive Health Checks for MS SQL Servers Matter: Part 2

ms sql health checks

First part of this blog post:     The SQL Server Health Check is ready to generate many reports. Four of them are useful and critical in ensuring your SQL Server environment is performing optimally, secure, and can recover…

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Why Migrate Your PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQL Server to Google Cloud SQL?

Whether you’re using a PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQL Server relational database, a migration to Google Cloud SQL can take it up a notch—automating management tasks, ensuring business continuity and staying up-to-date with security and compliance requirements. And, with a solution…

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