How SAP Data Management Today Impacts Your Business Tomorrow

Introduction Over the past decade, data has played an increasingly larger role in business. Enterprises have begun investing in their data, adopting data management strategies and tools that unlock the value hidden inside their data estates. This is especially true…

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Pythian’s QuickStart Solution Step-by-Step Overview: Part 3


Pythian’s EDP QuickStart for Google Cloud couples a modern, integrated, cloud-native analytics platform based on Google BigQuery with the professional services required to customize it to your needs. Pythian turns your data into insights by leveraging your data sources and…

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Evaluating Google AlloyDB for PostgreSQL 

In May of 2022, Google released the public preview of their long awaited and proprietary version of PostgreSQL called AlloyDB. This Google Cloud (GCP) service differs from the core PostgreSQL (and from their own Cloud SQL PostgreSQL) with some Google…

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Datascape Episode 64: Recapping the 2022 Snowflake Summit Conference with Sandeep Arora

datascape 64

Episode 64 Shownotes Welcome to another episode of the Datascape Podcast. Pythian cloud architect Sandeep Arora recaps the updates from the conference, including new cybersecurity capabilities, integrations with AWS and Data Lakes, performance improvements, and more. Tune in to hear…

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How to Implement the Password Verify Function in a EDB PostgreSQL Advanced Server Database

edb postgresql

Security is the measure role of the database in terms of data and user level. One of the most important security concerns is a user’s  password, which should be both confidential and complex. In this post, I’ll explain and implement…

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Pythian Innovations–Doing More with Google Workspace

google workspace

It’s okay if you’re not a Google Workspace expert—with the right support, you don’t need to be. Whether you’re down team members or looking to power up your Google Workspace initiatives, Pythian can help. With personalized support and training, regular…

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Easy Transition from Screen to tmux


  Do you use Screen in Linux? If so, I’m sure you appreciate the importance of functionality it provides. At times, as Oracle E-Business Suite database administrators, we need to run long running processes (like fs_clone) in the background and…

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Apache Beam: the Future of Data Processing?

apache beam

Apache Beam is a unified model for defining both batch and streaming data-parallel processing pipelines. It’s a software development kit (SDK) to define and construct data processing pipelines as well as runners to execute them.     Why Apache Beam?…

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Building an ETL Pipeline with Multiple External Data Sources in Cloud Data Fusion

etl pipeline

In this post, I’ll share a quick start guide on Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) Cloud Fusion. We’ll first take a look at what this product offers, and we will also take a use case of building a data pipeline involving…

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Distributed Always ON

What is Distributed Always ON It is a particular type of availability group that helps access the multiple failover clusters SQL Server 2016 provides a new feature Distributed Availability Group for disaster recovery purposes They can be physical, virtual, on-premises,…

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